Holiday in Falmouth


June 25 to July 5, 2021

It was a holiday that we had looked forward to for months, hoping that the Covid-19 pandemic wouldn’t interfere. It didn’t overmuch, just the inconvenience of putting on facemasks whenever we went into shops, restaurants or on the ferry trip to and from St. Mawes.

As I sped down by train, Niels, Nati and the boys were making their way by car, eventually to meet up at Falmouth Town railway station. The GBR journey from Paddington to Truro took me through ever more attractive countryside. It was worth taking a few pictures through the train window.

Once in Falmouth, the accommodation was very suitable for our needs and close to two beaches and within a short drive (walk even) to Falmouth itself. I soon found out that sandals were not suitable footwear for going up and down steep footpaths or walking on the beach.

The first day was spent on the beach and was surprisingly sunny, a more than slight burning of my tender skin resulted. The next day it poured with rain all day long and made a visit to Falmouth somewhat unpleasant. Thereafter, we had really fitting weather for a seaside holiday, warm and fitfully sunny. I was now thankful for the Panama hat that Cathy had sent me as a Father’s Day present. The Euro Cup tournament viewed on an ultra-large TV kept Niels and me fully entertained. The boys played like two puppies and poor Natalia was sadly a bit of an outsider until her motherly instincts took over.

The days passed all too quickly. We were able to celebrate England beating Germany and whacking Ukraine, but then the day for a return to normality came, prefaced by the long tiring journey back home to London and Leighton Buzzard respectively.

We spent ten most enjoyable memorable days in Falmouth. My heartfelt thanks to Natalia, Niels and the boys for such a wonderful and pleasant time in their company, bringing back memories of other long ago family holidays.

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