The eagle has landed

EMAIL HOME: SHANGHAI, September 2 - 20, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Subject: The Eagle has Landed

Dear All,
Just briefly to let you know that I arrived safely and was met rapturously by Qin (Cindy) and her niece, Candy, at the airport. We had good grub before I staggered into bed. Am now slowly awakening from my slumbers and trying to get my eyes unglued. Then the first day of my latest life’s adventure can begin!

Thankfully everything that made the journey with me is still there, and also all is in one piece, so that part of my mission was also successful!

Weather here, pouring rain when I arrived, now overcast and hot and sticky, leastways it looks that way from my hotel room window. Quite a luxury room it is too with, thankfully a real loo. I was really scared of having to learn how to squat to answer the call of Nature, leastways so early in my trip!! More later.

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