The Reason Why


I took up photography as a hobby in 1968. We were living in Germany then, and I was Inspired by having newly become a father. Although initially my thought was to document our baby’s life and that of any others that came along, my interest in photography soon became a passion.  The content of German photographic magazines furthered my interest but led to two secret wishes that I suppressed over many years – to photograph nudes and to shoot in a studio.

Shortly before my 81st birthday, my second and highly recognised fine-art photographer daughter, Julia, asked me what I would like as a birthday present. I risked mentioning my long-standing wishes. Soon after she made them a reality and booked me in for a two-hour session at the fabulous Big Shot Studio in Leighton Buzzard. Having previously shot only family and street photos, and those mainly in natural light, these sessions were a nerve-wracking experience – first time to photograph a nude female, shoot in a studio and with flash.

The images contained in the STUDIO galleries are selections from the four sessions I have shot at Big Shot Studio to-date. The first main gallery comprises those from the three pre-pandemic sessions that I shot in late 2019 and early 2020 with English born Faye, Tash and Tania respectfully. The advent of Covid-19 delayed any consideration of shooting again until late July 2021 when my model was Vonny, of Taiwanese origin. My sincere thanks got to my four models, for their forbearance with my often-amateurish efforts. They were a pleasure to meet and work with for two hours each session.

An especial thanks goes to Colin at Big Shot Studio for setting up the lighting and for his guiding me throughout each session; also for his advice and encouragement between sessions with editing and post-production.

I have combined the images from the first three sessions in book form and present them here in two galleries, one as B&W, the other in Colour. The reason for this is an interest to compare the images in both genre as part of a wider learning process.

Robert Fullerton-Batten, August 2021

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